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Tired of going into a recruiter’s office and taking time out of your day to fill out paperwork, meet them and never hear from them again?
Want a real conversation with someone who will never waste your time, who cares and takes the time to be honest and work on a plan with you, YOUR PLAN, to find your dream next job?

As your Talent Agent to finding your dream job we will meet with you, learn about your professional background and skills, discuss career goals and determine what your ideal job and work environment looks like and then we go to work to find that Premier Company that is a custom fit for you! Take a look at our exclusive Parkerpower MATCH process.

Our services at Parkerpower Corp. are 100% FREE to you as a Top Talent candidate. Our Premier Clients engage our services and pay our fees to find them the MATCH they are looking for as the next member of their team.

Parkerpower offers four types of placements for your consideration:

  1. Direct Hire
  2. Contract-to-Hire
  3. Contract
  4. Consulting

We will discuss your interests, qualifications and what you can expect with each type of placement.

If you see a job you’re interested in, there are 3 ways to respond. Fill out our online application, Call us at (315) 935-9289 or Email us at and attach your resume.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranty

Parkerpower Corp. has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranty for our Candidates. We are here for you and will provide the very best experience as your Talent Agent.